Margreet Stronks Consulting - LIVE WELL WORK WELL
"I assist you and your employees to stay  productive and relaxed when life and   work is stressful."

RESEARCH*  has shown significant decrease in psychological fatigue and musculoskeletal complaints with regular TouchPro chair massage. That is why corporate massage is used extensively in the workplace. Summary of research results here. *de Bresser, University Maastricht NL and TRI of University of Miami USA.

BACKGROUND. When Margreet farewelled the OSCAR world she had initiated and helped develop, she was satisfied that thousands of families every day could rest assured that their children have a safe home away from home in their local communities, in most cases subsidised by Government.

SUCCESSFUL FORMULA. A long held interest in mind/body work took her to Europe to study TouchPro*onsite massage and obtain a post graduate in coaching. She then combined corporate massage, mindfulness, physical exercises, her life-long experience in facilitation with coaching and training for relaxation and vitality: a winning formula for wellness in the workplace.

EXPERIENCE. Margreet has been consulted by thousands of people on a regular basis. Relaxed and refreshed by this effective massage they easier identified their own stress factors and with tips and training took action to live well and work well.

2012. Margreet has returned to Christchurch and is available to assist you. Choose vitality and productivity, call                                                                                  021 029 34 907
2016. Also available in Melbourne, call            040 66 56 240
                         or email:

*More information: TouchPro in the workplace

                                                       small investment great return

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