Margreet Stronks Consulting - LIVE WELL WORK WELL
Supervision provides a safe space to:

  • give attention to your own needs and
     be supported as a professional

  • reflect on your work, identify patterns and areas to develop, including issues
    of transference and projection

  • become more aware, gain new insights and ideas and plan their application

  • investigate life/work balance and career development

Supervision is supportive | constructive | confidential | safe       
Margreet Stronks is an experienced supervisor and works especially with
  • professionals with responsibilities in the multi cultural field
  • professionals with responsibilities for minority groups
  • coaches, supervisors and those in training
  • small business owners, especially those working in the human services
  • OSCAR supervisors, managers and directors
If you are wondering if you would want to work with Margreet
phone today for an obligation free consultation
                                                           contact  021 029 34 907
                                                      small investment great return
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